I need a Single Ben 10 In Jo Burg – If you are Online Please Chat – Wendy (36)

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My name is Wendy I am a Single mother of 2 Looking for a ben 10 to date who is willing to stay with me and love me than ever before. I prefer dating a stranger because those who near they abuse me and beat me up. If you are a good man please take this time.

How Much rich is Wendy

As a business lady counting cars will be a thing of the past. To measure how much I worthy I use how many colleges do I have.

  1. I have 9 private colleges and each has a bus and 1000+ Students. Plus a female head master driving her own car
  2. I have 9 Supermarkets and 21 grocery shops as well
  3. In addition to the above I have 6 big saloons

To be honest I am one of the richest ladies who prefer dating ben 10s. to add on to the above I prefer dating poorer men so that we can share all these.

My general net worth is R94 Million as per January 2020- But now I need a man just to share with all these.

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Getting my Whatsapp number has become a harder thing.  This is because the last time I share my Whatsapp number I ended up not sleeping while boys flock to my number. I was forced to change my Whatsapp number.

To get my new Whatsapp number please Come and Join SATESPACE using the link below

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You need to click and then Sign Up – Please make sure you use correct name and surname. Because if I discovered that all your names are fake then the love is over. After that please upload your profile picture. This is very real you can’t use anyone’s photo. I need to see the real you.

As easy as like that I could prefer you to send me a message and make sure that its you. I will reply you by send my Whatsapp number. Please return daily to check my Whatsapp number.

In conclusion please make sure that – You Stay at home and be real. Till we meat please do not carry any corona virus with you. Stay Home and stay safe- I love you my handsome boy.

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