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My problem comes after I dated a Somalian who pretended to love me. He steal all my cash and later was jailed. I thought I had made a good idea- please I can’t make a similar mistake like this. In addition please accept my apology all South African Boys. I am back for you please choose me very well.

Please let me help me to get a good boy – I would love to meet you well. I am happy to choose a boy who is like the way I want.

In addition to the above I prefer a man who has the characteristics like those below

  1. Please make sure you have a good reputation at your area so that people who see you rich wont kill you.
  2. You must be younger than me by 5 years and above – So that you can be a perfect ben 10 for me. In addition you must be cute and lovely
  3. You must have a driving license so that if I give you a car you will drive properly. More so you must drink responsibly so that you can drive very well
  4. You must have your private rooms that if we have a video call you will enjoy properly. No children no parents disturbing you.
  5. Lastly do not share my videos and photos with anyone – I thank you

How to get my Whatsapp number – and We chat

Since I need the best boy and someone who is serious about me I will prefer a boy who have patience and love. In addition to the above you must have a good phone for video calls. To get on Whatsapp Number you need to join my SATESPACE. To join it Please use this button below

Sign Up Now Get Free Whatsapp Number Singles Online Date

After you Press the button – Please Fill your Name and surname. After that please make sure that you upload your profile photo. In addition Please Make Sure you upload your real photos so that I can see you first.

For the sake of love please make sure that you search for me and you send me a message. Please send me a message if you can see my profile please make sure that you have something posted on your profile time line

I than you very much – If you need something please comment Below I am waiting.

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