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The blame is not on him

It hurts. I don’t really blame him much. My body is well seasoned and I was raised well. Who would resist this beautiful temptation? I’m the hottest teenager I know in Benoni. Sometimes I just wonder how my mother would feel though.

The problem is that her husband had developed a crush for me. Every since they separated with Dad, she never trusts me. I told her last week that her husband touched me inappropriately she called me childish. Ride truth is that I have no way of proving the truth. I just gotta get married and disappear.

I’m Thembinkosi from Benoni- SA.  I’m turning eighteen next week. My beauty has bought me more trouble than roses. Can you imagine that? I drink and dinner but for now I’m only keeping it a secret. Next week I’ll be doing it freely though. Why not?

People say that coloureds are not well behaved but I’m sure I am. I don’t find it difficult to respect my elders and to greet my mother good morning.

Come to the rescue

Are you the here sent for me? Here is where you set me free, click the button below:

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This button will take you straight to my SATESPACE. Please create an account and be a frequent user so that I know you really exist. I will give you my number if I like your profile. If I don’t, I won’t. It’s just as simple as that. The best way to do it is to create a profile today’s extremely attractive.

Put your real best picture on your profile which clearly shows your face because I want a real black dude. Someone that’s tall, dark skin and muscular will be my to Choice. I usually reply within a week so you just gotta keep visiting the site daily. One day you will see a reply with my WhatsApp number on it. After today we can start talking.

Please don’t bother me if your younger.  I’m looking for marriage and I can’t just marry another teenager. We both know that will be a tragedy. Anyway, let’s finish this discussion on SATESPACE.

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