Linnah(35), Soweto-” I just joined SATESPACE, the home of sugar moms, will you be my first Ben 10?” Sugar moms from SA want you on SATESPACE. Date online WhatsApp.

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I won’t fool you, not today.

You will be rich: i have millions and millions of dollars I inherited form my grandfather. He was a very rich man although less popular. That name I used above is not real, you will know my real one I’ve we start talking and that’s for my safety. I will be sending you money for your needs one we start doing the video calls. You will thank SATESPACE for linking us up.

I want you to be a driver: cars are not a problem for me. Soon as we nice something you will be a driver. You will drive your favorite type of a car and I want you to pick up to to the beach every morning. How does that sound? Well, for my Ben 10 I will go everything as his sugar mom. By everything I mean EVERYTHING.

Everything else you want, you will get: I’m just realising now that I can’t exhaust everything there is for me to offer you. There is just a lot more. If I don’t mention something you expected them just know that I will also get that for you. Money can buy anything as long as it’s materialistic. Even a home for your entire family. Try me and see. Be the first one to text me on SATESPACE and stay my heart right away.

Be the first Ben 10 on my SATESPACE

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Hit the above button. I had to apply for it to be placed here so I just hope you use it to register on SATESPACE. Make sure to create a legit account. It’s a very social site and you can upload your pictures to get even more sugar moms.

The more active you are on the site the more chances of getting me. The more active, the more pictures you upload, the more likes you put, the more shares, it shows that you are real and you exist somewhere there.

Search for me in the search bar.

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