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What I want in you.

There’s a lot of these things that I look for in a man. For now I will only mention a few important ones. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have these, you can still try to talk to me because I will always be ready to start talking to you. I am going to write down those things just to encourage you. Don’t feel discouraged simply because you don’t posess any of them, just try and improve yourself.

1. I want you to love having fun. Whether it’s watching movies, listening to music or dancing the it, any of these things can make you the most perfect match for me. I want you to be so perfect for me tho the point that I won’t be able to give up on you. I will stay with you and I will let you down my money as long long as you like having fun. Expensive wine and beer us my style and it goes be yours too

2. You gotta love bike racing. Me and my friends always attend this annual build racing competition and the winner makes millions. Got you to easily link with my friends, you should be a part of this and you should never show signs of boredom. If your are not yet that good at racing I will be willing to teach you for a start. The rest you will train yourself as we go.

3. Athletic. Of course every woman loves her man to be athletic. For me it’s different though. Even if you are not yet athletic, I just want you to love it. This is because I want someone to escort me when I go to the gym or for my morning jogs. Join me in the jogs while you jog too.

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